A.P.E.: Agricultural Production Engineering

The company


Established in 2019, A.P.E. emerged as a start-up sharply focused on pioneering research and development within the Vertical Farming sector.

Throughout the years, our influence in the market has progressively solidified, with partnerships deepening and our daily operations advancing to refine the productivity of Vertical Farms.

Our mission

Our mission at A.P.E. is twofold: we aim to make Vertical Farms sustainable both ecologically and economically.

We recognize the potential of these technologies to reduce the environmental impact of food production and we are deeply convinced that the future of agriculture lies in the integration of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices.

Our values

We are driven by strong values that define our identity and actions:



we take on the long-term challenge by committing to reducing environmental impact and preserving natural resources for future generations.



we adopt a pioneering approach to the integration of cutting-edge technologies and the implementation of innovative agricultural practices, constantly expanding the horizons of traditional agriculture.



Our commitment is mirrored in the excellence of services we deliver, underpinned by progressive farming methods and strict quality oversight.



making the products of vertical agriculture accessible is an integral part of our commitment. We continuously strive to meet current social and environmental needs.

In times where sustainability is non-negotiable, we stand as proactive agents of change, dedicated to the advancement of vertical agriculture.

We believe that our path will contribute to shape a future where the health of the environment, economy and humanity are in perfect synergy.

Join us in this transformation.

Our team

Our team is made up of agronomists, engineers, business specialists, chemists and biologists, each contributing their technical expertise. This synergy allows us to offer advanced solutions and a holistic approach to achieve the goals of vertical farms.

Adriano Pezzoli


President and CEO. An entrepreneur in the textile, real estate and energy sectors with over 50 years of experience in Lombardy and Italy, with a strong commitment to social and philanthropic activities.

Carlo Pezzoli


Chief Operating Officer and Development. International education in Business and Management. Several years of experience in the Financial and Corporate sector, followed by operational and administrative management in manufacturing, agricultural and energy companies.

Matteo Pintore


Head of Engineering. Environmental and territorial engineer with over ten years of professional experience. Excellent skills in project management and a passion for sustainability.

Valentina Carboni


Degree in agronomy with years of experience in management and planning of cultivation systems in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Gianmarco Polizzotto


Master’s degree in evolutionary biology, specialized in managing and leading scientific projects in the pharmaceutical sector at a global and European level.

Our Services


A.P.E.'s advanced technology enables comprehensive support for establishing a Vertical Farm: a service encompassing everything from plant design and construction to advising on crop selection for production plans, and finishing with staff training for managing the production facility.

Research & Development

At A.P.E.'s R&I division, we focus on the qualitative and quantitative analyses of prodution, enhancing cost-effectiveness and profits, and refining production protocols.
We oversee the entire lifecycle of the plant, from seeding to harvest, with integrated IoT systems for sustained performance enhancement.
This enables the establishment of scalable, health-boosting crop production models.