Concept-to-Production for vertical farming

Creating a successful Vertical Farm from scratch

Concept-to-Production: from idea to product

We’re structured to lead and accompany you through the complete development cycle of your vertical farming ventures.

From initial concept to achieving full-scale production, A.P.E. delivers comprehensive and cohesive assistance.

Concept: Custom design

Crafting detailed designs for vertical installations is the essence of our expertise.
We meticulously examine every aspect to enhance the productivity and market feasibility of your crops, assessing their financial promise.

Implementation: realization and refinement

Upon project approval, we establish and refine your vertical crops’ growing conditions. We equip you with insights on optimal crops for your enterprise, anchoring your production triumph on solid data.

Training: skilling your workforce

We educate your team to ensure your vertical farming operations can function independently. Our bespoke training schemes address all vital aspects, from environmental control to plant maintenance and operating automated systems.

Multidisciplinary teams for exceptional results

Our team includes specialists from distinct disciplines like agronomy, engineering, biology, and corporate governance.
This diversity of expertise allows us to comprehensively and strategically address every aspect of vertical farming, ensuringstandout outcomes for every client.