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A.P.E.’s services

Our services encompass a comprehensive range of data-informed solutions, including in-depth assessments of your projects’ technical, agronomical and economic viability, along with dedicated staff training programs.

We cover two major areas:

Every solution is custom-made, thanks to the extensive network of partners at A.P.E..

Research and Development

Our R&D team constantly studies Vertical Farming projects to make them sustainable, both economically and ecologically. The approach is structured in four parts:


Through an analytical approach, we conduct detailed qualitative and quantitative analyses to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of all your production processes, as well as operational and investment expenses related to the facilities.


We identify areas where the economic efficiency of your vertical crops can be improved and implement the solutions. We maximize your profitability, without compromising quality.


All the improvements we propose are validated to actively meet the requirements demanded by our clients before being permanently implemented.


We are constantly searching for new solutions and technologies to take your Vertical Farm to the next level. Our goal is to lead you into the future of smart agriculture, ensuring innovative and successful results.



From the design to the realization of facilities, our team of technical experts works closely with your company to turn your goals into real solutions.


We create custom solutions specific for each client.

Our technical experts work closely with your company to fully understand your objectives and develop a custom project that maximizes efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of your Vertical Farm.


We transform your vision into a tangible reality.

We lead the entire facility creation process and select the best cultivation systems for optimal plant growth.

We ensure that every aspect, from artificial lighting to the fertigation system, is carefully planned and implemented to ensure superior performance.

Decision-making support on crops

We provide expert decision-making support to identify the optimal crops to include in your production plans.

We evaluate:

  • market demand,
  • profitability,
  • crop cycle duration,
  • crop-specific needs.

Staff Training

We offer complete and targeted training for your staff to enable them to effectively manage the production facility. Our experts share best practices, such as:

  • cultivation techniques;
  • environmental monitoring systems;
  • facility maintenance.

Vertical Farm: the key for the future

Vertical Farming represents a revolution in agri-food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Vertical crops reduce environmental impact, optimize resource use, and ensure continuous and programmable production all year round.

A.P.E. is looking for virtuous companies willing to undertake a true technological transition: our expertise, our passion, and our dedication to this cause enable us to help you reach the full potential with vertical crops.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in realizing your Vertical Farm: the future is vertical and we are here to support your ascent.