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Do you work in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industry or in a modern farming company?

A.P.E. stands as the ideal ally for those dedicated to implementing cutting-edge, eco-friendly production methods.

Companies we work with

We use our technological edge to provide tailor-made solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each customer, ensuring their business thrives and expands through our comprehensive, cross-disciplinary strategy.
Choose A.P.E. to transform your agricultural production into an innovative, successful, and sustainable reality.

Farming enterprises

Agricultural businesses face significant challenges, such as increasing demand for agricultural products, pressure on the availability of arable land and climatic fluctuations.

In this scenario, A.P.E.’s Vertical Farming emerges as an innovative and sustainable solution.


Year-round cultivation potential, unaffected by seasons

Efficient use of space, leading to increased productivity

Resource optimization

Regular and predictable harvests

Shortened growth cycles

A.P.E. equips floricultural farms with state-of-the-art technologies, sectoral expertise, and bespoke solutions to secure optimal performance with a smaller ecological footprint.

Food industry

In the food industry, the innovative approach of Vertical Farming meets the growing demand for fresh, healthy and sustainable products.


Production of baby leaves and herbs in limited spaces


Sophisticated tech for precise environmental control and increased output


Increased productive efficiency and reduced environmental impact


Farming models yielding high-quality products

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

Vertical Farming facilitates the growth of plants that yield high-quality active compounds, ideal for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.


Fine-tuned control over growing conditions, enhancing metabolite synthesis


Production of standardized ingredients with specific pharmaceutical or cosmetic properties


Sterile cultivation environments, free from microbial contamination


High-grade active component production with enhanced stability



A.P.E.'s advanced technology enables comprehensive support for establishing a Vertical Farm: a service encompassing everything from plant design and construction to advising on crop selection for production plans, and finishing with staff training for managing the production facility.


Research & Development

At A.P.E.'s R&I division, we focus on the qualitative and quantitative analyses of prodution, enhancing cost-effectiveness and profits, and refining production protocols.
We oversee the entire lifecycle of the plant, from seeding to harvest, with integrated IoT systems for sustained performance enhancement.
This enables the establishment of scalable, health-boosting crop production models.

Why choose Vertical Farming

Embracing Vertical Farming means embracing innovation, sustainability, and growth.


Vertical Farming is innovation because it constantly challenges the limits of conventional agriculture. The components used are designed to adapt to change, with an increasing focus on new technologies.


Vertical Farming reimagines disused structures for multi-level soilless cultivations, tackling the critical issue of land overuse. It’s a system that curtails water use while delivering impressively abundant harvests.


With controlled growth conditions, seasonal foods and products can be supplied all year round, maintaining their natural taste and quality. The potential for expansion is enormous.