Experience Tomorrow's Vertical Farming,

A.P.E. specializes in Research and Development within the field of Vertical Farming. Our focus is on facilitating the shift of major companies in the agri-food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries towards smart agriculture within controlled environments.

Step into Vertical Farming and let us take care of everything else.

We assist businesses in the agri-food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic sectors through every stage of Vertical Farm development, from initial design to plants production.

Every aspect – such as cost-benefit analysis, Vertical Farm’s assembly, training of operators and agronomic management of the crops of interest – is under our supervision.

Target audience

Food industry

Baby leaves, fodder crops, oriental mustards and aromatic herbs are just a few of the applications of Vertical Farming.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

Vertical farming resolves typical raw material issues such as microbial and pesticide contamination from the outset.

Modern agricultural companies

Vertical farming enables year-round cultivation, scheduled mowing and harvesting, and enhanced productivity compared to traditional farming methods.



A.P.E.'s advanced technology enables comprehensive support for establishing a Vertical Farm: a service encompassing everything from plant design and construction to advising on crop selection for production plans, and finishing with staff training for managing the production facility.


Research & Development

At A.P.E.'s R&I division, we focus on the qualitative and quantitative analyses of prodution, enhancing cost-effectiveness and profits, and refining production protocols.
We oversee the entire lifecycle of the plant, from seeding to harvest, with integrated IoT systems for sustained performance enhancement.
This enables the establishment of scalable, health-boosting crop production models.

Why vertical farming is the present

Vertical farming is a tangible and concrete solution, which reduces the use of water for crops by up to 98% and uses renewable energies for production, minimizing resource consumption.

A.P.E. commits to renewable energy use and revitalizing unused structures, minimizing land use. We aim to build a vertical farming approach that’s sustainable in terms of ecology and economy.

Our R&D base in Sardinia showcases our initiative: hosting the region’s first vertical farm that is exclusively driven by solar renewable energy.





Our partners

Our partners