Research and Development in Vertical Farming

Industrial-scale guidelines and cutting-edge technologies for Vertical Farming facilities

Research and Development in Vertical Farming

Our Research and Development team concentrates on crafting duplicable and uniform industrial protocols, utilizing in-depth quantitative and qualitative assessments, alongside cost and profit analysis.

We study projects’ viability and profitability to make them highly efficient.

Who can benefit from R&D services?

A.P.E.’s R&D offerings are beneficial for businesses in:


food industry


pharmaceutical field


cosmetic sector

In particular, our studies focus on:


Quantitative Analysis

such as the improvement of productive yields


Qualitative Analysis

such as profiling of nutritional and metabolic characteristics of plants


Cost and revenue analysis

aimed at refining economic viability metrics


Sustainability Analysis

relying on eco-sustainability metrics


Quantitative Analysis

Through quantitative analysis, we aim to improve productive yields and optimize operational efficiency of vertical farming systems.


Qualitative Analysis

The main focus of qualitative analyses is the profiling of nutritional, organoleptic, and metabolic characteristics of the crops of interest.

Comparisons with conventional agricultural products generally show clear and significant advantages in the nutritional and metabolic profile of plants grown in vertical farming.


Cost and revenue analysis

Our cost and revenue assessments equip us with the tools to make precise forecasts and detailed market-based analyses, notably in areas like natural and organic beauty products.

Based on data obtained from our qualitative and quantitative production analyses, we monitor and associate production costs with their respective outcomes.

This allows us to guide business decisions towards more profitable and economically sustainable scenarios.


Sustainability Analysis

We help you define and understand the sustainability of your project, providing data on the areas where it has a positive impact, those where it could improve and solutions to address any issues.

Improvement of production processes: standardization for Excellence

Through the implementation of standardized protocols, we aim to continuously improve the production processes of the Vertical Farms.

This allows us to balance the market-required characteristics with production costs, ensuring a path of continuous improvement.

The relentless endeavor of our R&D division presents innovative avenues to enhance the efficiency, eco-friendliness and economic gains of vertical farming.

Partnering with A.P.E. gives you access to a broad spectrum of Vertical Farming data, empowering innovation and prosperity in your enterprise.